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Wikis are a great tool for group collaboration. They can be used for grade level planning, unit planning and collaborative student projects.  One of the most widely known wikis is Wikipedia.

Wikis in Plain English by CommonCraft


Free Wiki Platforms:


PBWiki:  http://www.pbwiki.com ** My Favorite**

Create your own PBwiki

Video:  Creating a Wiki in PBWiki

Wikispaces:  http://www.wikispaces.com

Deki Wiki:  http://wiki.opengarden.org/Deki_Wiki

Wetpaint:  http://www.wetpaint.com

Ziwiki:  http://www.ziwiki.com


Examples of wikis:

Wikipedia:  The ultimate Wiki

Wikibooks:  Online educational textbooks created in wiki format

 Curriki:  a global education community with tons of resources for every topic and every grade level.

 100th Day Project created by Kindergarten teacher, Maria Knee. Classes can collaboratively post images and text focused upon the 100th day of school.

The Connected Classroom Wiki:

A collection of resources to show teachers how to use web 2.0 tools in the classroom.


Great sites for learning to use wikis:

Using Wiki in Education:  http://scienceofspectroscopy.info/edit/index.php?title=Using_wiki_in_education

Education World's Sites to See:  Wikis in Education:  http://www.education-world.com/a_tech/sites/sites079.shtml

PBWiki Tutorials on TeacherTube:  http://www.teachertube.com/search_result.php?search_id=pbwiki&x=0&y=0


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